Thursday, May 31, 2012

Isaak Israelovitch Brodsky

Isaak Israelovitch Brodsky (1884-1939) was a Russian painter who bridged the pre-Soviet and Soviet eras. Mentored by Ilya Repin, one of the great 19th century Russian painters, Brodsky went on to be one of the seminal figures in the Socialist Realism school.

 Alley in the Park (1930)

 At the Coffin of the Leader (1925)

 Demonstration (1930)

 Fairy Tale (1911)
[a pre-Soviet era painting]

 Golden Autumn (1913)

Fallen Leaves (1915)

 Self-Portrait with Daughter (1911)

  Speech by Lenin at a Rally of Workers (1929)

 Mikhail Frunze (1929)
[who was Frunze?]

 Street Scene in Winter (1919-20)

The Execution of the Twenty-Six Baku Commissars (1929)


  1. picture without date is not stalin at all - its frunze

    1. Thanks! I have fixed this. The resemblance to Stalin is striking - I wonder if it's coincidental or deliberate?

    2. it's all because of cap and mustache))