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Igor Grabar, ctd

 Gorgeous Hoar Frost

 A Bed of Delphinium (1947)

 In the Morning Dew

 Lilacs and Forget-Me-Nots (pre-Soviet, 1905)

 March Snow (pre-Soviet, 1904)

 March (1939)

Morning Tea (pre-Soviet, 1917)

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Bolotnikov's Revolt

Gavriil Gorelov: Bolotnikov's Revolt (1944)

Ivan Bolotnikov was the leader of a peasant rebellion in early 17th century Russia.

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Enemy at the Door

A harrowing image from the Great Patriotic War. Propaganda, sure - but damn effective.

Nikolai Ivanovich Ulyanov: Invasion: Enemy at the Door (1965)

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Aristarkh Lentulov

Aristarkh Lentulov (1882-1943) was a Russian painter who worked in pre-Revolutionary times as well as during the Soviet era. Prior to his Soviet period he painted mostly in a Cubist style.

  A Family Portrait (1924)

 In the Artist's Studio (1923)

 Kerch Factory (1930)

 Reading the Newspaper (1930s)

Sebastopol (1931-32)

Monday, September 10, 2012


Ilya Lovich Katz: Leningrad, City of Naval Glory (1960)

Igor Grabar

Igor Grabar (1871-1960) was a Russian painter considered to be a Post-Impressionist. He is best known for his paintings of snow scenes.

 An Old Barn on a Frosty Day (1933)

 Birch Alley 

 Crossing the Yard: A Gray Day (1941)


A Portrait of V. G. Dulova (1935)

 Flora (1934)


Frosty Morning, Pink Rays (1906 - pre-Soviet)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Artists' Models

Two Soviet paintings of artists' models.

 Leonid Gerschovich Krivitski: Artist's Model in Pink Floral Dress (1955)

Boris Chaliapin: Model in Black Stockings (1939)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sergei Gerasimov

Sergei Gerasimov (1885-1964) was a Russian and Soviet painter. He is not related to Alexandr Gerasimov, with whom he was at odds.

A Collective-Farm Festival (1937)

Terrace with a Table and Vase of Flowers