Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arkady Plastov, ctd

Here are some more by Arkady Plastov.

A Frontline Vet (1942)

 Picking Potatoes (1956)

 Spring (Old Village Bath) (1954)

 Summertime (1953-54)

 The Young Couple

 They are Going to the Elections

The following painting, Threshing on the Collective Farm, got Plastov in some trouble. 
Arkadii Plastov (the author of A Collective Farm Festival and twice a Stalin Prize laureate) was not as successful with this theme as his colleagues. His painting Threshing on the Collective Farm (1949) shows a similar scene from the life of collective farmers, but critics said that the land is shown as if it is exhausted and that the faces of the peasants are not happy enough and show tension. This would be more appropriate for the depiction of tsarist Russia, but not the socialist reality. ("Stalin as Art Critic and Art Patron," by Elena Postnikova)
 Threshing on the Collective Farm (1949)

 Tractor Drivers (1943)

Village in March

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