Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Changing Roles of Women

One of the bright spots in the legacy of the Soviet Union was the unprecedented empowerment of women entering new roles in society. Of course, few blessings are unmixed: women were, of course, still expected to fulfill the traditional roles (child-rearing, housekeeping, etc.) in addition to their new responsibilities. Still, there is no doubt that there was an expansion of opportunity for women. Some of these are reflected in this group of paintings.

 Aleksei Prokopenko: Mistress of the Volga (1976)

 Igor Simonov: In a Works Laboratory (1961)

 Irina Shevandronova: In a Doctor's Reception Room in the Altai (1953)

 Unknown Artist: Women Workers in Estonia

 Yuri Bosko: A Woman of the Volga (1967)

Vladimir Petrov: Tursunoi Akhunova, the First Uzbek Tractor-Driver, Teaching a Friend

Sergei Boharov: Reunion of Female Pilots

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